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Rejuvenate the Mind, Body and Soul

October 15, 2018
Category: things to do in san bruno

San Francisco, California, considered one of the most popular tourist destinations internationally, attracts millions of visitors each year. This city is thriving with culture, world-class dining, outdoor adventures, live entertainment, museums, and jaw-dropping views. With majestic vistas, rolling hills and famous landmarks, San Francisco is home to dozens of attractions. During your stay, be sure to visit Archimedes Banya. 

Visit Archimedes Banya

After a long business day or an eventful day of sightseeing, treat your mind, body, and soul to one of the most relaxing experiences in all of the Bay Area. Take a deep breath and step into the multi-level Archimedes Banya Spa. This Banya combines modern-day technology with a variety of traditional spa methods from across Europe for a truly unforgettable rejuvenation experience that is guaranteed to melt all stresses away. Enjoy the surrounding meditative sounds, gorgeous ocean views, Turkish Hammam, Greek Laconica, German Therman, Russian Banya and more.

Check-in is simple. Guests eighteen and over with a valid government issued ID or passport may select from a variety of passes ranging from $39-$230. Basic passes include full spa availability (for a relaxed, at-your-own-pace self-guided experience) without additional classes or spa-treatments. Classes can always be added to the package for small additional fees. All guests receive an access band to be worn on the wrist, spa slippers, and a warm cotton robe. Wind your way downstairs to the locker rooms where you may safely store personal belongings and dress up, or down, for your personalized spa relaxation experience. 

From here, step into a paradise within the communal Banya and experience peaceful showers, saunas, pools, a hot tub, multiple lounge areas, and much more. Climb into the Russian Sauna, a dry heat sauna offering healing benefits of oak and/or birch tree venik heat therapy. The Russian sauna is ideal to heat the body and sweat out pent-up toxins from within the body. Be sure to follow your body cues and stay hydrated. Refresh at the alkaline water fountain, or cool the body down with a quick-plunge in the ice pool. Step into the aromatherapy Turkish Sauna, open the pores and soothe the soul while enjoying the warm steam and soothing scents of lavender and eucalyptus. 

Venture down the hall and into the Olympian Room where guests may lounge and unwind in comfortable chairs, spend time with friends in an additional hot tub, or swim laps in an Olympic sized pool. For an additional charge, bar services are also provided here for guests aged twenty-one and over, limited two per guest per hour. 

For guests who want an unforgettable view and enjoy the weather, explore the upper-level decks. Enjoy the outdoor pools and panoramic views of the ocean and Bay Area skylines with fresh air, and sometimes a little refreshing rain. If the weather isn’t ideal, or if you’d just like to take a break, enter the theatre space. Enjoy comfortable seating in a romantic setting and catch a glimpse of the daily movies. The second half of the upstairs level provides indoor and outdoor daily meditation and yoga classes - all while continuing to enjoy the breathtaking ocean views, fresh air, and the sounds of the sea. Indoor massage therapy areas and sessions included with larger pass packages are located here as well. Enjoy professional Russian platza massage, private soaking tubs, mineral and herbal baths, Hammam facial scrub and body wash services, hydrotherapy packages, and a variety of other deals including massages (Swedish, Thai, Deep Tissue, Sports, and more.), facials, acupuncture, wrap and exfoliation packages using 100% plant-based, natural ingredients. 

Guests feeling hungry may step into the cafe, located on the top floor, to enjoy freshly prepared salads, soups, appetizer plates, healthy light-fare, and a multitude of healthy, refreshing beverages. Options are abundant and sure to please any appetite. 

Whether you visit Archimedes Banya for only a few hours or devote an entire day, visitors are guaranteed to leave relaxed, rejuvenated and feeling unspeakably wonderful. 

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