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Best Fishing Spots in Pacifica

November 15, 2017
Category: things to do in san bruno

Fishing holds a long tradition globally. In the Bay Area, the sport has become more popular in recent years and offers everyone from novice to pro, an opportunity to relax and unwind while taking in the fresh ocean air and unmatched views of the Pacific Ocean. While there is a debate about the best time to go fishing, during daybreak on dawn, there is one place you can go year round and rarely return with an empty basket.

Best fishing spots in Pacifica

One of the best fishing piers in California calls Pacifica home. – The Pacifica Municipal Pier. The abundance and quality of the fish have earned the Pacifica Municipal Pier the highest ranking among all other piers in the state of California. The ‘L’ shaped Pier is impressive standing at 1,140 feet long leaving plenty of elbow room for crowds of anglers.

The Pacifica municipal pier, also known as Rev. Herschell Harkins Memorial Pier was built in 1973. Fishing is excellent all year, but many anglers consider summer months the best due to an abundance of salmon and striped bass.

There are no fees to gain access to the Pier, and there is no need for a fishing license at the Pacifica Municipal Pier. Just be sure to check with the local baits shops for additional rules and regulations.

The pier is usually open on a daily basis from about 4 am to 10 pm, except during conditions of stormy weather, or when undergoing repairs. The crab season on the pier usually starts around the first Saturday of November. You will want to bundle up due to strong winds and punishing waves, which can at times, cause the closure of the pier. There are fish cleaning stations, restrooms, benches and a snack bar and coffee shop at the entrance of the Pier. Visitors are prohibited from bringing alcohol, cigarettes, bikes, glass containers to the Pier, and only service dogs are allowed. Be sure to abide by the rules, and you will have a great time fishing.

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