Feb 02

SS Jeremiah OBrien 300x224 Visit SS Jeremiah O’Brien near San Bruno The SS Jeremiah O’Brien is a World War II Liberty Ship open to the public. It is one of only two fully restored, operating ships out of 2,710 that were used during the war. In addition to being available for private parties, the ship conducts San Francisco Bay cruises in May and October. You can also visit the ship’s store to get yourself a small token of your visit here. The “tour” is self guided. Basically you just walk around with some literature they give you and explore on your own. There is very little here that is off limits so it’s really about how much time you want to spend and how high you want to go. There are crew cabins, captain’s quarters, kitchens, dining areas, sick bays, etc to check out. All small but packed with artifacts from the time period. The engine room is also a sight to see.

The SS Jeremiah O’Brien is located at Pier 45. Admission price to SS Jeremiah O’Brien is $12. The SS Jeremiah O’Brien was salvaged from the moth ball fleet located in Suisun Bay. Liberty Ships were built to transport cargo and as such smaller in size than battleships.

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Jan 20

the octagon house 300x197 The Octagon House in San Francisco   Built in 1861, the Octagon House is a San Francisco historical landmark, an architectural treasure and a Colonial and Federal Periods Decorative Arts Museum and historical documents.  The design of the Octagon House, an oddity is based on a popular theory of the mid-1800s, namely that people inhabiting a space of this shape would live healthier, happier lives.This museum is the oldest museum in the country. Included are examples of American furniture, portraits, samplers and looking glasses, English and American silver, American pewter, English and Chinese ceramics and Oriental rugs.  Features which are directly linked to his ideas, apart from the octagonal plan, are the central spiral staircase, symmetrical arrangement of rooms with interconnecting doors, the verandas running all round the building, and the flat roof surmounted by a cupola.  This museum often flies the fifteen stars and stripes flag. They have a gift shop in the building behind it, which is open to the public during business hours.

Hours:  The museum and garden are open to the public from 12:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. on the second Sunday and Second and fourth Thursday of each month except January.

If you love historical sites, you must visit the Octagon House in Water-town sometime. This place is one of DC’s famous haunted houses. This small museum is eight-sided building and itself worth a look.  If looking for perfect stay check out our San Bruno Hotel – Hotel Aura and book directly on the Hotel’s Website for the lowest possible rates.

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Jan 13

Mission Dolores 300x200 History of SF Mission Dolores, San Francisco The northernmost of the California Missions founded by Father Junipero Serra, this mission is the oldest structure in San Francisco, since 1776. Walk inside and behold Spanish Colonial San Francisco beneath roof beams held together with rawhide strips. The museum houses artifacts and manuscripts. It’s a composition of different parts, a chapel, a basilica and an outdoor cemetery. It is really worth going, to understand the foundation of this city and its roots. The only thing is that majority of these missions are free to visit and if you can you put in a donation. Admission includes the mission, the basilica, a small museum and you exit out by going through the graveyard. The Mission is pretty cute and it’s amazing to see the oldest building in SF in such great shape. Lots of information in the brochure, and since it’s a smallish mission, it’s not overwhelming. The stained glass windows in the church are really pretty.

The historic and spiritual center of San Francisco the Mission Dolores should draw a greater number of locals and tourists too appreciate it. Though the sparsely visited mission and basilica create a serene environment in which to reflect and ponder how San Francisco and industrialized society has evolved. The mission is so beautiful and holds so much history. The mission has beautiful pieces of art, and has the building has a lot of history from its establishment in the early 19th century.  The cemetery was the final part of the tour.

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Jan 06

Standing at the heart of the Nob Hill district, Grace Cathedral is the main Episcopal church in San Francisco. It was designed by Lewis P. Hobart, who largely drew his inspiration from the design of Notre-Dame de Paris. Despite its traditional design, the cathedral prides itself on being a modern and open minded place of worship.  Grace Cathedral 300x200 Visit Grace Cathedral near San Bruno The church was founded during the Gold Rush in 1849, but has been destroyed and re-built a few times since. The current cathedral was built between 1928 and 1964, and is the third largest Episcopal cathedral in the USA. The French Gothic style concrete and steel structure is designed to withstand seismic forces and is the third largest Episcopal church. One of its most striking features is the Ghiberti doors, replicas of the ones at the Baptistry in Florence, designed by Lorenzo Ghiberti. They’re also known as the “Gates of Paradise”. The collection of tapestries, statues, and other relics contributed by the artists and wealthy members of this church was even more inspiring than even the arches and stained class.

Grace Cathedral has two Labyrinths – one inside and one outside. The outdoor labyrinth is always accessible and it is said that if you walk the pattern of the labyrinth you will reach a meditative state. Over all it is a good place to teach the children through art about both religious and secular history with illustrations.

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Dec 29

union square san francisco 300x150 Visit Union Square, San Francisco  Located in downtown San Francisco, The bustling Union Square is the most visited neighborhood in San Francisco. It is a San Francisco district that has something for everyone, Grant Avenue is brimming with designer brands, Maiden Lane is known for spontaneous street performances and food and wine events, and the aromas of delicious food flood your senses throughout.  One of San Francisco’s main retail and cultural centers, Union Square also refers to the actual park bordered by Geary, Powell, Post and Stockton streets, The park, named after the pro-Union rallies held there before and during the Civil War, was built and named in 1850 by San Francisco’s first mayor, John Geary.

Today the area is one of the largest collections of retail stores, department stores, boutiques, tourist shops, art galleries, and salons in the Western United States, making it one of the world’s premier shopping districts.  When you need to take a break from all the walking, rest on a Union Square bench. It’s the best place to people watch while you catch your breath.

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